Short bio

As a composer and performer, I have been deeply engaged with traditional, modern and postmodern ideas since 2009, weaving them into my work. I see technology, for example in the form of compositional algorithms or for the simulation of sound objects, as a form of 'thinking pencil' whose code I can adapt to my current needs at any time. The constant confrontation with current musical events is the stimulus for me to constantly rethink composing. Ideas and technologies are thus always in the service of the development of individual forms of expression for me, which should ultimately enable the performers and recipients to step out of the everyday and participate in an “absolute now” experience.

Professional Experience

Composition commissions

2022         NOW! Festival Essen (Nenia // Fl, Vln, Vcl, Pn)

2021         Karin Nakayama-Jeong (15in - 32out // Vln & Tape)

                  Musik 21 Festival (The Noise of Germany // concert installation)

2020        Duo Balzer-Wolf (Song from the Void // Song)

                  Ensemble ur.werk (BOB // Sextet)

                 Landesjugendensemble Neue Musik Nds. // Mesosticha (version for ensemble)

2019        Ensemble CRUSH (Grümeln // sextet and live electronics)

                 Talking Trees project (I don't know what, I only know that // sound installation)

2018         Zeche Carl (three sound installations)

2016         Accordion Festival Hannover 

                  Homo harmonikus // performance for accordion orchestra)

2016         BasisZwei Festival Hannover ((keres (-nyx) 1 1 2 1).talos // bcl, tape, robot drums)

Sound direction        

2012 - 2020   Das Neue Ensemble, Ensemble S 201, Ensemble Schwerpunkt, Defunensemble

                         Ensemble Asamisimasa, Ensemble L'art pour l'art, Nomos Quartet, Ensemble S,

2014, '17, '18, ‘22    Musik21 Festival Lower Saxony

                                      technical director, sound engineering, sound direction


2022                 improvisation course at mu:v summercamp by jeunesse musicale

since 2018     CRISPR.kollektiv (composition, improvisation)

2013 - 2020    North German Junior Academy (composition, chamber music)

2015                 Workshop of Young Composers/ HMTM Hannover (composition, instrumentation)

2014- 2015     Musikschule Ostkreis Hannover e. V. (clarinet)

Ensemble activity

since 2019    Gruppe Moment 

                         (Live-Elec, Coding, Clarinet, Lecturer for Improvisation)

Since 2018    CRISPR.kollektiv 

                         (Live-Elec, composition, clarinet, project management, lecturer for improvisation and composition, curator)

since 2014     Orchester im Treppenhaus 

                         (bass clarinettist, live-elec)

Guest engagements as perfomer // clarinettist // live-electronician

since 2010     Das Neue Ensemble, Ensemble ur.werk, KLANK, Asambura-Ensemble, Ensemble S 201, 

                          Ensemble New Babylon, Ensemble Spinario, Arcana Festival Ensemble, Podium Festival Ensemble, 

                          Ensemble CRUSH, Berghain Berlin, Nano3 Festival, NDR- Das Neue Werk, Klangbrückenfestival Hannover, 

                          Grafenegg Festival, Beethovenfest Bonn, Mozartfest Würzburg, NextGeneration Karlsruhe, 

                          Sprengelmuseum Hannover, Kunsthalle Emden, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn


2016 - 2018     Technical assistance for the DeGeM webradio.

since 2012    tildeMusik e.V. - founding board member


2021         International Summer Course for New Music Darmstadt

                  The Minimoog Project (scholarship of the Kunststiftung NRW)

                  Teachings: Sebastian Berweck, Malin Bång, George E. Lewis, Cathy Milliken

2016 - 2021    Folkwang University of the Arts

                         Integrative composition (B. Mus.) with Günter Steinke and Michael Edwards

2013         Stockhausen courses Kürten

                   "Stimmung" with the Forum Neue Vokalmusik with Wolfgang Fromme.

                  (Scholarship of the Stockhausen Foundation)

2009 - 2014    HMTM Hannover

                Artistic-pedagogical education clarinet with Guido Schäfer

                Composition with Joachim Heintz


German, English, French (Basics), Portuguese (Basics)

Programming Languages          

LISP, Scheme, CSound, Bash, Sonic Pi, LaTex,Python (Basics), Processing (Basics)


Pure Data, Max/MSP, Slippery Chicken, Emacs, Atom, Praat, Sonic Visualiser, Ableton Live, Bitwig, Reaper, Audacity, Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve, Dorico, Musescore, Lilypond, Inkscape, GIMP, VQGAN (Basics), Microsoft and Open Office Tools.


2021 ÜberHören - Bachelor thesis


2020         Sniora - Zettelkasten (Bandcamp)

2016         Ensemble Reflexion K - on the edges (mode).

2015         Das Neue Ensemble - Birtwistle: Songs 1970-2006 (Naxos)

2009         Orchester im Treppenhaus - Totale Haptik (Bandcamp)


2022         Zack! Boing! Arghh! Graphic Noise- Human Voice (Musik21 Festival 2022)

2018         Where have all the people gone? (eviMus Festival)

Scholarships and Prizes

2023         Schreyahn- Composition Scholarship

2022         Musikfonds- Scholarship

2022         Baldreit- composition Scholarship

2021         FEB Scholarship by Musikfonds e.V. (CRISPR.kollektiv)

2021         DOS Scholarship

2021         Los geht’s! NRW

2020         Los geht’s! NRW

2016         Composition Scholarship MWK Lower Saxony

Winner Composer Slam (2013, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017)


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