Sebastian Ribeiro Albuquerque Wendt studied clarinet and composition with Guido Schäfer and Joachim Heintz at the HMTM Hannover from 2009-2015. Other formative influences he received in private lessons with Claudio Puntin, as well as in master classes with David Krakauer and Michael Riessler.
Sebastian Wendt plays clarinet and bass clarinet in the ensemble ur.werk, Ensemble Megaphon, in the 'Orchester Im Treppenhaus' and is the multiple winner of the Composer Slam. At the beginning of 2018 he founded the CRISPR.kollektiv.'
In 2015/16 he wrote the music for the music theater "Im System", which was premiered by the Club XL of the Staatsoper Hannover.
In 2016 he received the composition scholarship of the state of Lower Saxony. Since 2017 he studies electronic and instrumental composition at the Folkwang University in Essen with Günter Steinke and Michael Edwards.